Customer Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 rated reviews.
  • Russ Thornton Profile Image
    "...I suggest you get in touch with Candy."

    “I’ve recommended Candy to some of my clients to address one or more of their insurance needs and without exception, I’ve always received positive feedback about her professionalism and personal service. If you or someone you know needs to review their insurance needs, I suggest you get in touch with Candy.”

  • Mitzi Nash Profile Image
    "...timely and thorough..."

    “Candy became my personal health insurance agent when I decided to venture into my own business. She has been diligent each year in reviewing our policies to look for the best deal possible for our specific needs. She is timely and thorough. I, often, recommend her to others.”

  • Lauren Stormont Profile Image
    "She came highly recommended..."

    “I first met Candy Hilliard in 2003 when I was newly divorced and self employed. She came highly recommended and within a few moments of meeting her I knew why. Her friendly personality and in depth knowledge of her product instantly put me at ease. Needless to say, I have referred Candy to all of my family, friends, and co-workers.”

  • Mark Goldman Profile Image
    "...very responsive and proactive..."

    “I have worked with Candy for several years now and she has always been very responsive and proactive when it comes to our insurance needs.”

  • Anita Orr Profile Image
    "Candy works effectively..."

    “Candy works effectively to provide the best and most cost effective solutions for my insurance needs.”

  • Stacey Harris Profile Image
    "I couldn't believe how easy she made this process."

    “Candy came to my home to help me find a more reasonably priced health insurance plan, which was so helpful. My last agent emailed me some options and left me to figure it out myself. She went over my choices, asked a lot of questions and patiently answered all of mine. Once we found a plan I wanted, she even called my current doctors to see if they would take the new plan. I couldn’t believe how easy she made this process. I wish I would have called her much sooner. She would have been able to save me even more money than she did. I highly recommend her for any of your insurance needs.”

  • James Sanford Profile Image
    "I would highly recommend working with her."

    “Candy was able to navigate the sea of personal health and dental insurance options and help guide me to the plans that fit perfectly for my needs! I would highly recommend working with her.”

  • Ashaki Tene Shareef Profile Image
    "...GREAT customer service!"

    “They helped me with getting my Health insurance. She was very patient with me answered all my questions & made sure I understood my policy. She followed up with me to make sure that I was good even after everything was signed. Can you say GREAT customer service!”

  • Dana Phillips Sorrentino Profile Image
    "Five stars!"
  • Judith Ford Profile Image
    "4 stars!!!"